Posted by blueprintcduser - October 2019

Our time is precious so we need to spend it and our money wisely when it comes to maintaining professional currency.

Posted by Donna Mortlock - June 2019
Increasingly our education systems seem to focus on points, scores and achievements as a measure of success.
Posted by Donna Mortlock - May 2019
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a key to industries ensuring their workforce holds relevant and current skills. Similarly, in the VET sector, trainers and assessors are responsible for maintaining their knowledge and skills. Actually, this is twice as important for the VET sector!
Posted by Donna Mortlock - August 2019

According to the Bureau of Statistics, 75% of Australians surveyed say that stress in their lives adversely affects their physi

Posted by Donna Mortlock - May 2019
Ever wanted to do a Masters Degree as part of your vocational industry professional development activities? Well I did, and here’s how I saved $20K and a year of my life when doing mine!
Posted by Donna Mortlock - April 2019
Current NCVER research on the quality and effectiveness of VET courses that are delivered completely online is due for release in August 2019. One of the questions they will attempt to answer is - “In comparing fully online learning to other delivery methods, are there any differences in completions, learner satisfaction with the training, and employment outcomes”?
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