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VET in Schools

For those who are wondering what the acronym means, VETiS stands for Vocational Education (and) Training in Schools (VETiS).

Students can undertake vocational education and training as part of their school curriculum studies. Some schools offer VET qualifications independently but many prefer to partner with an RTO who has experienced industry trainers and ready to use resources.  This ensures the continuity of the program even if a teacher goes on leave or is transferred.  It also makes life just a little simpler for schools in that the onus for compliance remains with the external RTO. 

Eligible students enrolled in listed certificate level 1 and 2 qualifications with an external RTO are funded through the VET investment budget.  Students can access the funding for one externally provided qualification only but many RTO’s offer fee-for-service arrangements to students who are ineligible. 

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Why should our school do VETiS?

VET programs in schools enable students to gain nationally recognised qualifications and valuable paid vocational experience as well as complete their secondary school certificates.  They give students a head start in the jobs market by providing training that combines classroom-based learning with experience in actual or simulated workplaces. 

A research report from NCVER found that between 15% and 24% of students from hospitality studies ended up in closely aligned occupations.

According to the NCVER 2019 report, 65.8% of VET graduates had an improved employment status after training.  They were either employed for the first time or employed at a higher skill level after training.  Between 15% and 24% of students from hospitality studies ended up in closely aligned occupations.


If students use their VETiS funding at school, are they still able to access funded training when they leave school?

Funding rules change from time to time so it's always best to check the advice on the State Training Authority website.  At present, students who complete a VETiS qualification at school are still eligible to access further QLD government subsidised training after they leave school.


Does the RTO delivering VETiS need to be approved?

When your school is planning to implement a VETiS program, ensure the RTO is approved as a pre-qualified supplier (PQS) under the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program.  Blueprint Career Development is one of the original RTO's to be given Pre-qualified supplier (PQS) status and we have specialised in working with schools for over 17 years.


What questions should I ask an RTO about VETiS funded programs?

There are many things that need to be considered and discussed so we have listed a couple of important ones to start with.

  1. What support will the school, students and teachers receive?

You’ll need to know:

  • How often the RTO will send industry professionals to work with the students and is the timing negotiable?
  • Are all the training resources and assessment materials provided and in what format.
  • If you have real time access to student progress records.
  • Is someone available to help quickly if you have problems or questions?
  • Can you access part of the funding for student consumables or the purchase of equipment?
  1. Who is going to mark student work?

Marking assessments is time consuming and with added responsibility for moderation, can impact teacher’s timetables and stress levels. When VETiS students enrol with Blueprint, our trainers mark all student assessments for you. This ensures you have more time for your teaching workload and planning engaging classes.

  1. How do teachers complete Industry Professional Development

When your school enrols students with Blueprint, we provide free industry professional development days for teachers working with us. This can include:

  • TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Accelerated teacher program and upgrades).
  • Industry qualifications and upgrades
  • A 2 day/1night hospitality industry release in a 5-star hotel. This gives teachers the opportunity to refresh their industry currency and network with other industry and education professionals.  
  • A range of short courses offered face-to-face and online
  • Are Certificate III level qualifications VETiS funded?

    No.  The QLD Government VET Investment budget funds a specific list of level 1 and 2 qualifications. Students who wish to undertake a funded certificate III qualification may do so through a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship (SAT) or enrol as a fee-for-service student. 

    Students who have used their VETiS funding can still access User Choice funding.

    Traineeships and apprentices are a great way of getting a head start in a career. Students usually work one day a week whilst still at school. They gain real work experience over an extended period of time, references for their resume and get paid for their efforts. Above all, they will better prepared for the real world once they have left school. Many school-based trainees and apprentices gain full-time employment with the same employer.