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Stand out from the crowd

5 ways Personal Trainers and Life Coaches can stand out from the crowd

Let’s start by expressing our gratitude for your contribution to the field of wellness and human potential. The world needs you to keep motivating us to our own greatness.

Having said that, it can be a tough gig. Odd work hours, continually being a resource for others, securing clients, financial instability and the pressure to stay on top of your game whilst balancing  all the other aspects of your own life.

It is no secret there has been an increase to already snowballing mental health issues over the past 3 years with lockdowns, mandates, job losses etc.  As a result, many people are experiencing the need for deeper connection, support and guidance on how to navigate the instability and everything this bought up for them. And whilst there are many professionals who can assist in mental health issues, what if you could help support your clients in helping themselves - A adaptation of the “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” proverb?


What if you could bring even more value to your sessions?

In the land of life coaching and personal training, there are an abundance of practitioners and niches to choose from and the range of qualifications and experience can have a lot to do with your success. It can also be impossible to ‘stand out’ when there is a sea of trainers and coaches all doing a similar thing.

So here are 5 ways you can stand out from the crowd-

When you are inspired to continuously and consciously cultivate growth, it’s likely that you will be bombarded with options and some of them are pretty “glossy” and sophisticated in terms of marketing.  Like any important decision, doing your due diligence will ensure that your experience matches your expectations. 

When considering a personal or professional development option, check;

Blueprint Career Development have developed Australia’s only government approved personal empowerment program and it could be the key to “Levelling Up” your PT or Coaching business. If you are interested in your own empowerment and leading others through the journey,  please contact us with your ‘expressions of interest’ and let’s chat to see if this course is for you.

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