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Woman watering the plants

What does skill development and growing vegetables have in common?

Recently, I decided to grow my own tomatoes, pumpkin and I've put in a passion fruit vine as well.  Now I can hardly wait till I'm picking my own fruit and vegies.

Looking at the vine growing, and waiting for fruit to blossom, has made me think there's a great similarity in skill development and growing vegetables.

If I had planted the vine last year, I'd have a great crop of passion fruit now.

How often do you hear of people who think about doing a course, learning a new skill, or doing some professional reading - but they put it off.  "I'm just a little busy at the moment" - and at the end of the year, they sit back and think - "I wish I had started that course - I'd be almost finished by now".

If you are thinking about doing a course - do it - you can come up with strategies to help you manage your time more effectively to help you fit everything into your busy schedule.

And just as I'm going to be very excited when my passion fruit are ready to pick, you will be very pleased when you have graduated, developed a new skill set or even better, utilised your industry skills by becoming a trainer in your current industry. There are so many options to grow and also enjoy the fruits of your labour.

And – there are all sorts of funding initiatives available to help you get into your course.

Blueprint Career Development are a Skills Assure supplier – proudly providing Certificate 3 Guarantee and User Choice Funding. 

Blueprint can also provide information about Vet In Schools and we work with a number of public and private schools through Queensland.

Speak with one of our trained consultants today about what options  you have about upskilling, becoming a trainer and becoming a custodian of your industry.

Happy growing.


Jenny Field