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Be the Exception

5 Reasons why managers fail to effectively lead their teams (and what to do about it)

It’s pretty likely that we’ve all worked for or under a bad leader - someone who depletes your creativity, diminishes your desire for innovation, stifles your will to show initiative, crushes your authority or micro-manages you. It feels lousy, deflating, exhausting, mentally draining and demotivating.

And what happens when employees feel this way? They generally leave for greener pastures, where they hope to feel valued and appreciated for their contribution to the ‘team’. This happens all too often and it’s a well-known fact that the cost of keeping existing employees is far less than onboarding new ones.

Poor management is one of the top 5 reasons why employees leave their jobs, so it’s important to understand the contributing factors in order to avoid the pitfalls of poor people power.


Let’s look at the top 5 ways poor managers lead, because only then can we look at how they can be developed into great leaders.


Sound familiar? Well, the simple solution to these challenges is to engage your managers in quality professional development that transforms their thinking, communication skills, emotional intelligence and ability to take responsibility. When managers embody new ways of thinking and being they can empower and lead their teams by example. Favourable change occurs within the team when staff see their manager “stepping up”.  A more positive work culture flourishes, loyalty grows and productivity improves.

If you want the workplace culture to change, you need to work on the minds and hearts of those leading it.

We offer a Nationally Recognised Certificate III in Personal Empowerment which has undergone government scrutiny and approval. It can be delivered in full or selected content extracted and customised to meet your teams’ developmental needs. 

Contact us with your ‘expression of interest’.  We’d love to help your people discover their authentic leadership gifts.



Janelle Manton,  Personal Empowerment Facilitator