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Privacy Policy


Blueprint Career Development and its related entities are committed to the protection of personal information as defined under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and complying with the Australian Privacy Principles ( APPs).

We will comply with our legal obligations and take all reasonable steps to protect the privacy of the personal information we collect, manage and hold in order for us to provide our products and services.

By using our products or services, or providing personal information to us, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The Purposes For Which We Collect,Hold,Use and Disclose Personal Information

We collect personal information from you for purposes including:

  1. to carry out our functions as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO);
  2. to enable us to provide our products and services to you;
  3. to send you, or provide information to third parties to enable them to send you, information, offers and promotions about education related products and services that you have consented to receive;
  4. to administer our database of personal information in order to develop new products and services; to improve the quality and quantity of information on our websites; and
  5. for statistical and marketing analysis and analytics.

Kinds Of Information We Collect And Hold

Personal information we collect and hold may include, but is not limited to:

  • name, gender and date of birth
  • personal and emergency contact details (including address, email address, phone numbers)
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI) number
  • education and training history
  • citizenship
  • language
  • reasons for study
  • passport number
  • medicare number
  • employment status
  • work history

Sensitive personal information that you may consent to provide, or which we may be required to collect by law could include:

  1. racial or ethnic origin
  2. language and literacy needs
  3. criminal record
  4. if you are receiving any Centrelink benefits
  5. health information
  6. visa and immigration information and status.

Where we are required to collect sensitive information, we will only do so with your consent and we will only use it for the purposes for which you provided it.

How The Information Is Collected

Personal information is generally collected through our expression of interest form, student enrolment or employee recruitment processes.

Where possible your personal information will be collected directly from you via online, electronic or hard copy enrolment or application forms;

Your personal information may also be provided to us by third parties such as service providers, advertisers and publishers. Where we collect information from third parties, we will comply with the relevant laws, including the APPs.

How The Information Is Held

Your information can be stored electronically or in hard copy in secure storage facilities that are managed either by ourselves or our third party service providers.

We will take all reasonable steps including both manual and technical controls and processes to ensure personal information we hold is protected against interference, loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, copying, download or disclosure. All our staff are bound to act in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws.

Where information held by us is no longer required to be held, we will de-identify or destroy such personal information.

How We Use And Disclose Personal information

By providing personal information to any staff member of Blueprint Career Development, you agree to all other authorized Blueprint Career Development staff member accessing and using that personal information in order for us to provide our products and services.

We may also disclose personal information to third parties, if appropriate, who provide services on our behalf or where required or authorised by relevant laws and policies to Australian federal and state government agencies and authorities including funding schemes and training programs that we participate.

Our third parties are required to protect your personal information in the same way that we must.

We have agreements in place with our service providers, external agencies, and with staff who handle personal information that we provide to them.

Your personal information will not be otherwise disclosed without your consent unless required or authorised by law or the APPs.

How You Can Access And Correct Personal Information

We will make personal information that we hold about you available to you for inspection upon your request. There is no charge for you to access personal information that we hold about you but we may charge a fee to make a copy. You may contact the Director for information on how to access your personal information.

If you consider personal information we hold about you to be incorrect, incomplete, out of date or misleading, you can request that the information be amended by contacting the Director. Where a record is found to be inaccurate, a correction will be made. Where you request that a record be amended but the record is accurate, the details of the request for amendment will be noted on the record. There is no fee associated with the correction of personal information held by us.

How You Can Make a Complaint

If you have any concerns about our treatment of your personal information, please contact the Director at the following.

Blueprint Career Development 
6 Bentleigh Court Robina QLD 4226