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About Us

Blueprint Career Development is the preferred provider of compliant and meaningful training in the vocational areas we specialise in.  We jealously guard our reputation for consistently delivering fabulous training by continuing to deliver fabulous training!

Our training is designed to:

Our flexible online options come with full support and access to experienced trainers and assessors who guide you each step of the way.

Step Into Your Future Step Into Your Future


We believe that work life balance is vital for people to be happy, fulfilled and inspired. We implement and encourage participation in wellbeing initiatives so our team can reach their full potential personally and professionally whilst sharing friendship and fun at work.


We see our staff, suppliers and clients as an extended organisational family so we position ourselves on the same team and stand by them. We understand that we are interconnected and that together we foster and maintain our reputation for excellence.  We are all advocates and role models who are committed to, and take an interest in, the work each of us does to make Blueprint a success.  


We go 'over and above’, in many innovative ways, to surprise and delight our colleagues, clients and students with unique courses, personal service and quirky professionality.


We are fuelled and united by one shared vision to perform our roles, solve problems, and even to learn and grow from mistakes along the way. We take responsibility for our words and actions, and support others by sharing information and cheering them on to achieve desired outcomes.


We value originality and being in the forefront of new ideas and innovations.  We actively seek ways to do things better; and expand and flourish as individuals and an organisation.


We appreciate the diversity of people we work with and find ways to connect with them authentically.  We collaborate, communicate openly and constructively, consider one another’s perspective and seek mutually beneficial solutions.


We are accountable for ourselves and our work. We are fair, trustworthy, honest and reliable.  If there is a 'right way' to do something, we follow it courageously.  We seek the path of highest integrity in all of our actions.


We genuinely care about our students and colleagues so we take time to understand their needs.  This enables us to act in a compassionate and supportive way.


We unrelentingly pursue excellence in everything we do. We are energised, focussed and motivated to exceed our individual and company goals.

Why Choose Us


    We strive to be innovators within the training industry. We are the only RTO approved to deliver 10939NAT Certificate II in Self Awareness & Development and 10860NAT Certificate III in Personal Empowerment.

  • Experience


    Over 20 years honing our skills and training thousands of people means that we have the experience to offer the most comprehensive training possible. We hold Preferred Supplier status and work with some of the biggest organisations in Australia.


    As specialists in our vocational areas we are able to fully focus on delivering high quality, customised qualifications that meet industry and individual needs.  We aim to be the best rather than the biggest.

  • Genuine


    We pursue excellence and go "over and above” to surprise and delight in everything we do.  We take pride in being human, authentic and having a sense of humour.  We believe in personalised service.


    We are proud to have been an RTO for over 15 years and have a strong reputation in the VET sector.    We appreciate that our business growth has been almost entirely based on "word of mouth" so we take customer service and compliance seriously.

  • focused


    Our VET courses are designed and delivered by industry and education specialists.  Courses for teachers are developed by teachers.  We specialise in contextualising qualifications so they apply directly to our clients.

Step Into Your Future