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Hand pulling back curtain of good and bad day

You'll see it when you believe it

Yes, I did mean to write it this way. Belief is a powerful force in creation as well as a potential barrier. Let me explain.

Every discovery, win, invention, and success were incubated in a field of belief. Belief that ‘it’ was possible, and that ‘I’ can do it. Nothing was ever manifested without strong belief, commitment and sometimes sacrifice. ‘Prove it’ you say, and I’ll respond with a question back to you. “How often do you even start a project or goal if you believe it to be impossible?’’ Rarely?  Never?  What would be the point other than to weaponize our inner talk with the language of failure?

Creativity is a product of belief. So is innovation. When we are fuelled by belief, almost anything can happen – good and bad.  We are open to possibilities other than those that are obvious. Our field of belief energetically draws people, solutions, information, events, and coincidences, all designed to support us manifest exactly what our attention is focussed on most. I know this is a big call and if you think I’m exaggerating, do a bit of research on quantum physics and mechanics. Phenomenal stuff!

Here’s the thing. If we focus on things we desire often with belief and passion, they most easily become a reality. Sometimes in unforeseen and interesting ways. If we focus on what we believe to be our shortcomings or continuously justify why we can’t do or be something new, the quantum field will support that too. 


Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.
— Henry Ford


“So, what,” I hear you say. “I can’t just go and purchase a six pack of belief!” You’d be right and there are still many simple things you can consciously do to build your self-belief. Here’s a few tricks:


I’ll be clear here; beliefs are different to wishes and far more powerful. Another topic for another blog!  Meanwhile, try a few of these tips and perhaps you’ll feel the door of possibilities open, just a crack.


Donna Mortlock