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Vetis funding

What is VETiS and why should I be interested?

Vocational Education and Training is shortened to VET. Students can undertake VET in schools. So VETiS means Vocation Education (and) Training in Schools (VETiS).

Students can undertake VET at school as part of their school studies - delivered and resourced by a school registered training organisation (RTO) by enrolling in a qualification with an external RTO - funded either by the department's VET investment budget or through fee-for-service arrangements i.e. where the student or parent pays for the qualification as a school-based apprentice or trainee Visit

The QLD Government VET Investment budgets funds some VETiS qualifications. Only Certificate I and II qualifications are funded for VETiS. Students can access the VETiS funding for one qualification only. Students who wish to undertake a funded certificate III qualification should do so through a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship (SAT)—funding for a SAT is available under the User Choice program.


Advantages of Implementing VET in Schools (VETiS) Programs

Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) programs offer numerous benefits for schools, students, and the broader community.

By incorporating VETiS into your school's curriculum, you can provide students with practical skills, industry exposure, and diverse pathways to future success. This topic explores the compelling reasons why your school should consider embracing VETiS programs.

VET in Schools (VETiS) programs offer a wealth of advantages for schools and students alike. By incorporating practical, industry-focused learning experiences into your school's curriculum, you enhance students' employability, provide diverse pathways for their future, and build valuable connections with local industries. VETiS prepares students for success in the real world, making them valuable assets to the workforce and contributing to the overall development of the community. Embracing VETiS is a transformative step towards ensuring your students are ready to thrive in their chosen careers and make a positive impact in the world.