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Trainers: The Guardians of Your Industry's Wisdom

In the dynamic world of Vocational Education and Training, trainers hold the key to industry knowledge and skills. We are the custodians and the guardians of our industries. With years of diverse experience across various organisations, we've gained invaluable firsthand insights into the nitty-gritty secrets of our industries. Preserving the integrity of our industries and staying current is crucial.

It’s also true to say that with time, our memories fade, content gets forgotten and industries change. What kind of Custodians would we be if we didn’t stay in the forefront of industry innovation and change?

Remember the Standards for RTOs 2015 (clauses 1.13-1.16) that emphasise the importance of training and assessment being delivered by individuals with current industry skills and knowledge. To ensure trainers and assessors possess these skills, in collaboration with your RTO, you need to be provided with regular exposure to industry workplaces and engagement in workplace tasks.

But how do we stay current and on top of our industries when we're not actively working in them every day? As VET trainers, it's easy to lose touch with evolving procedures when we're not "on the tools." That's why meaningful professional development and staying up to date are essential.

Imagine being trained by someone who lacks firsthand experience in the skills they're teaching or, are so out of date, the procedures don’t make sense anymore. I remember  doing the BSZ Train the Trainer qualification many years ago. The trainer was a mechanic who mostly shared unrelated stories instead of teaching me about training. I did learn a valuable lesson in what not to do, however, I was there to learn firsthand about training, not mechanics.

As you embark on your VET journey, remember that trainers possess practical knowledge and real-world experiences that we share down the line. We ensure safety through our stories and inspire aspiring professionals with our experiences. We hold the industry's secrets and mentor the future workforce.

Here are a few quick tips for staying current in your industry:

Some of the most valuable Professional Development is when ‘you develop you’ as a person and leader, it’s not always about the job skills, so consider personal development as an option that can benefit every area of your life.

Make your professional development fun and exciting so it’s something you look forward to doing, as opposed to a chore or obligation. This can re-ignite your love for what you do.

If you're curious about starting or advancing your career as a trainer or seeking more information on professional development options that make a true difference, please complete the contact form and provide us with your expressions of interest.

Contact us now and unlock the possibilities for your training career, and your teams ongoing success.


To your success,

Janelle Manton

TAE & Personal Empowerment Facilitator, Trainer and Assessor