Posted by blueprintcduser
- November 2019

Unless you prefer kombucha to coffee, you've probably heard of "The Barista Bible" by Christine Cottrell.  This fabulous resource is used in many schools to support the delivery of SITHFAB005 Prepare and serve espresso coffee.  You may not know that in 1999, with more than 20 years of experience in teaching and working in the hospitality industry, Christine established the Coffee Education Network.  Since then she has helped thousands of people to improve their espresso techniques and to more fully appreciate the espresso concept.   These days, Christine presents at conferences, social functions and events. The Barista Bible is part of the Perfect Espresso series of books and training resources containing charts, guides, customer service kits and manuals.  For more information, go to the Perfect Espresso website.  

As our link to coffee industry professionals, Perfect Espresso connect us with current coffee trends, student and teacher training and access to quality expresso machines and equipment.  We want to "pass it on" when we get great service and information from experts who are passionate about the hospitality industry and all it's incredible career options.

Christine has recently partnered with Xtracted Espresso Solutions to source the best value-for-money espresso equipment that withstand the rigors of a training environment.  With an in-house technician and trainer working closely with Christine, schools can obtain advice, select a machine (or full equipment package), and be confident that service, maintenance and training is available. We highly recommend taking a tour of Xtracted which is located in Albion, Brisbane.

Contact Christine on 0407 021 220 or to make an appointment - you are guaranteed an awesome coffee as well as an informative conversation about the world of coffee. Ask her to bring a copy of her "Trending Cafes - Brisbane and Beyond" so you can get $400 worth of coffee for $25.

Blueprint Career Development also offers short courses for SITHFAB005 + SITXFSA001 Barista (Hygiene + Coffee). Visit our website to learn more.


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