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6 Reasons why a career development session might be your best decision this year

It’s no act of heroism going it alone when it comes to deciding on your career options or pathways, it can be costly and time consuming. Career change can be a minefield to navigate, especially for the inexperienced person and it may not be enough to just ‘google it’. We are in the information era and not all of the information we find is good, real or trustworthy.

In these uncertain times where there are more people changing industries than ever before, it’s important to get it right so you can secure a stable position in an industry that is here to stay. And more importantly, if we have learnt anything of late, it’s to find happiness and balance in our career choices.

Recently, my twenty-two-year-old son had a major motorcycle accident right when he was about to sign up for an apprenticeship in landscape gardening. After two years of rehabilitation, he found himself physically unable to resume where he left off in the chosen career. Destiny seemed to have a different plan for him. During this time, he was stressed and depressed with moments of anxiety and uncertainty clouding his judgement of what to do next. So, we arranged a Career Counselling session for him and it changed his life direction in ways we had never considered… For the best. He is now studying Environmental Science at university! So…


Here are 6 reasons why you may want to consider a Career Practitioner Session, where these and more questions will be answered;


So, the moral of the story is, you do not have to go it alone. The best investment you can make when changing your career or deciding on a job is to engage the assistance of someone trained to help you find your pathway to success, what ever that means to you.

If you are keen to arrange a career session, please contact our office for a referral. You may even want to help people in career transition by becoming a Career Counsellor yourself. We offer an accelerated Nationally Recognised Certificate IV in Career Development that will give you the training you need to help others.

Speak to our consultants today.

To your success,
Janelle Manton
Senior Trainer and Assessor