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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

Author - Donna Mortlock

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a key to industries ensuring their workforce holds relevant and current skills.  Similarly, in the VET sector, trainers and assessors are responsible for maintaining their knowledge and skills.  Actually, this is twice as important for the VET sector!  We need to stay current in our training and assessing capabilities AND maintain our industry currency to ensure we provide the most industry relevant information to students.  After all, who wants a business trainer who still talks about fax machines or an I.T. teacher who doesn’t know what virtual reality is.  

Most importantly – it’s in the Standards for RTO’s 2015.  

SNR 4.4 / SNR 15.4 states that “Training and assessment is delivered by trainers and assessors who:  

There are many ways to maintain your currency in training and assessment including: 

But don’t let your efforts be wasted!  If you don’t record your P.D, how can you demonstrate this to both your RTO Manager and at an external audit?  It’s important to have a systemic approach to collecting your P.D. evidence in a log or database.  Always check with your RTO Manager to see how it’s done in your training organisation. 

Some interesting reading for your Professional Development

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