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Support Options

What support options are available when doing your TAE?

And why this is critical to your successful completion

It’s no secret that completing TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment involves a significant amount of work, and the quality of the learning resources and support available has everything to do with how easily you will complete the qualification. The TAE (training and assessment qualification) has a notorious reputation for being a must have qualification but it’s not easy to get… unless you enrol in a quality course and receive the right level of guidance to help you through.

In my ten years of experience delivering TAE and having worked for 6 different RTO’s, what I’ve noticed is the varying degree and quality of support that is available for students to complete their qualification in a timely way and how this impacts the outcome for the student.
I’ve privately mentored many TAE students doing their course with different providers (other than who I work for) because they simply cannot get the help they need from the provider they chose, entrusted and paid to help them complete the course. Incurring additional expenses in order to successfully complete means that the “cheap” option just became expensive and frustrating.  I also know plenty of students who have given up on the online course they enrolled in because it was too hard and lacked timely support. So, they have paid and enrolled again with us instead, just so they can get the help they need. That’s not cool in our books.

Quite often when you enrol for TAE40116 it’s with a deadline to get it done as soon as possible because you can’t train and assess in the VET sector without it. So, the pressure is on to get through the projects that make up the 10 units in the course quickly and the only way to easily do that is with consistent time and effort and the right support at your fingertips.

If you are immersed in your TAE studies and get stuck on a question or instructions for a project and have to wait days and/or sometimes weeks for a trainer to call you back, by the time they do, you will have forgotten what it was and will have to spend time ‘getting your head around it’ again, this can take a lot of time. Momentum is critical and fast turnaround for that support is essential to keep you on track.


There are many ways we provide TAE student with support and guidance.

Firstly, all our office staff are either TAE trained or in the process of completing the course themselves, so answering your question over the phone is easy (our call centre is in Australia also) and most of the time, help is instantaneous. It’s important to have qualified staff who can really listen to the students concerns and be productive in assisting them.

Some of our student work full time and need after hours support, this is where our Homework Club becomes the ‘best club in town’. Under the insightful and caring guidance of one our experienced TAE trainers, you can join a free Zoom workshop for up to 2 hours every Tuesday evening and get immediate assistance on any project or knowledge test you are working on. This is a great way to get your self-paced projects completed with assistance.

We like to put you in touch with an active TAE trainer and assessor as soon as possible when the queries arise, and we know how busy you are. Our students are able to book a scheduled ‘support call’ at a time of their choice and these are usually available within 24 hours. It is just another way we get to you quickly.

You also have the advantage of having direct email contact with your trainer if you prefer the more personal approach. We help where you need us to because we realise how important our role is in guiding you to completion, that’s our job. We also understand how important it is to complete your qualification so you can reach the next stage in your career. So let us help you get there.

For those who are ‘going it alone’ and completing our course online, you have a series of ‘instructional how-to videos’ and a YouTube library that explain how to complete each project, making life very easy when it comes to the ‘doing’ part. We’re dedicated to ensuring you not only finish but you understand what you have learnt and can confidently apply your knowledge in your workplace.

If you are considering your TAE40116 consider how much support you may need and how important it is to you to complete it in a timely manner. Not all courses are equal… So, how soon do you want it? How soon do you need it?
Talk to us about joining one of our classes or online options today. We’ve got your back.

See you in a class soon.


Janelle Manton 
Senior TAE trainer and assessor