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Meet The Team

Ashleigh Black

When experienced chef and hospitality operations manager Ashleigh told us she loved to 'cook way too much food', we knew she was a perfect fit for our team of 'gastronomic appreciators'! As an entrepreneur, she started a small edible image business that grew into fully fledged cake business. And WOW.....we bet that her kid is the envy or every primary schooler when it comes to birthdays! When Ashleigh is not sharing her hospitality expertise, she enjoys sitting around a fire, reading a good romance novel or watching murder documentaries.

Donna Mortlock

Our Chief Disorganiser founded the company over 18 years ago after roaming the world and holding management positions in TAFE, Education QLD and private enterprise. She now focuses on empowering our team and facilitating the Certificate III in Personal Empowerment to community and educational leaders. As a former “chalkie”, Donna also writes content, develops training resources and assessment tools.

Cherie Robieson

Cherie has an extensive background in all sorts of businesses and industries. She now focusses on sharing her experience and expertise with work-based trainees completing business qualifications. She is very patient and especially enjoys working face-to-face with students.

Gayle Daniels

Gayle is the 'jewel in our crown' for self awareness and personal development courses. She has helped hundreds of students transform their lives and is our "Trainer of Trainers" for these powerful programs. Gayle has a heart of gold and willingly shares this with all she meets.

Gen Fulgencio

Gen has been a SEO Specialist for over 10 years. When he finishes "wrangling the internet beast", he is a self-proclaimed sports and outdoors enthusiast. In his free time, Gen enjoys taking family vacations and most especially spending a weekend just lying by the beach with a beer in hand.

Jason Marshall

Having spent 38 years in the hospitality industry, working in pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants accommodation hotels, night clubs and charter boats, Jason was known by his colleagues as Mr. hospitality! Jason is still working in the industry and enjoys teaching the next generation of hospitality superstars the tricks of the trade. He always works some real-life lessons into all his training, while he has the captive audience! When he's not working, Jason can be found in the kitchen with a glass of wine and the music up loud.

Inneke Venter

After working all around the planet, Inneke has called Australia home for the last 14 years and she enjoys all the "Land Down Under" has to offer! As a Senior TAE Trainer and Assessor, Inneke thrives on preparing students for the VET sector with a strong focus on compliance. She loves snorkeling, painting, going for massages and spending time with her hubby, kids and adorable cat fur babies.

Helen Schwerin

Helen joined our admin to explore a range of roles that match her multi-interest and multi-skilled abilities. She loves spreadsheets (and we love that she does!), chocolate, coffee, Disney movies, playgrounds, the beach and riding her vintage style mint green bike.

Joseph Dulawan

Joseph is a computer whiz at everything from creating graphics and websites to data entry and technical support. In his spare time he enjoys getting "hands on" and dirty by fixing vintage cars, assembling model kits and home maintenance. He also plays online fighting games where we hope he plays the superhero he is for us at Blueprint.

Jenny Field

Jenny is a true professional VETeran who has over 30 years’ experience, uniquely across all VET sector stakeholders - RTO’s, community groups and sitting on ACPET and NCVER boards.  She has mastered “getting things done” in the face of red tape with her Zen-like composure and focus on quality. Jenny now delivers TAE40122 and takes pride in mentoring and supporting trainers succeed in their jobs.

Joanna Cera

Joanna is an admin wizard and fitness 'junkie' who wishes donuts were as healthy as salad. She loves spending time with family, especially her two little kids who keep her busy and on the run. Joanna also enjoys cooking and watching movies to chill out.

Kate Baring

Kate is the kid everyone wants to sit next to because she’s the smartest student in class. She was recently awarded The Griffith Award for Academic Excellence in recognition of her Master of Training and Development studies. Kate successfully set up and managed her own RTO for many years and now works in partnership with Blueprint delivering TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Kerry-Ann Hodda

As a current chef with 21 years’ experience in 5 and 6 star properties, Kerry-Ann Hodda has rubbed shoulders (and cooked for) the rich and famous. She now shares her ninja-like knife skills, contagious enthusiasm and hospitality stories with our lucky students.  Her spare time is spent doing, watching or organising some sort of sport with daughter Brooklyn.

Maddy Southwood

Maddy is a business and volunteering trainer as well as a florist and wedding planner on the Sunshine Coast. She dabbles in an eclectic mix of interests including yoga, gardening and hanging out at the beach. Maddy is obsessed with herbal teas, candle-lit rooms, crystals and hoarding dried flowers and she weaves her creative magic throughout her training.

Liann Quinones

Liann has 5 years of customer support experience as a virtual admin. She's an advocate for indigenous people and the local literary scene. When not working, she binges on Netflix, reads novels or spends quality time with her fur-babies - Calcifer and Markl.

Mark Dexter

Mark started his career as a chef and has worked in some seriously posh hotels and Michelin starred restaurants in Europe and America. After qualifying as a teacher in 1995 he began the transition of exchanging shift work for a career in education. In addition to TAE assessing with Blueprint, Mark is also studying a Master of Education (Adult and Vocational).

Nadine Catley

After 15 years of working in sales and account management and gallivanting around the globe, Nadine made Australia home complete with husband, child, dog, painters easel and working for a company she is truly passionate about. Nadine is one of our fabulous Certificate II in Self Awareness and Development trainers busily supporting students on their personal journey of self discovery. 

Michelle Fitton

Michelle's love of travel has seen her live in 3 countries, visit over 35 and continually search for her next adventure with hubby Rob and teenage sons (if they behave themselves). As General Manager, Michelle’s skill in leading people and organising systems, makes Wonder Woman look like an amateur!

Paul Richards

Paul is a multi-talented TAE, business and retail trainer who is a Senior TAE40122 trainer and assessor with Blueprint.  His patience and calmness are only 2 of the reasons that students appreciate his guidance.  Paul loves all things cycling, cooking, blues music, coffee, wine and imagining himself playing the guitar (he owns 2 that laugh when he walks by!).

Rachael Newberry

Rachael has a wicked sense of humour and an extraordinary background in hospitality from operational to management roles. She relishes imparting her 30+ years of experience to spongy, absorbent minds – both old and young. As our Head of Hospitality, Rachael leads the training team in schools, public courses and traineeships in addition to managing our social media despite taking the worst selfies we have ever seen.

Rhys Smith

Whipping up culinary creations as a chef for 20 years, Rhys is excited to share his knowledge of the industry he is so passionate about. When he isn't cooking up breakfast or lunch for Brisbane's early risers, he enjoys catching up for a beer with mates, going for day trips with the family and kicking a footy around with his son.

Tai Hau

Tai is our amazing Hospitality administrator and she is never without a cheerful smile.  She has superpowers with Blueprint’s information systems. With the click of a button, Tai finds incredibly interesting and useful reports, and ways to help our trainers and students.  She possibly still barracks for the All Blacks but calls Australia home with her extended family.

Susan Dennison

Our Bookings Coordinator Susan is possibly the friendliest person walking the planet. She genuinely likes making people happy so her customer service consistently surprises and delights our team, students and clients. She loves wining, dining and walks along the beach. No this is not a dating profile, it’s all true! Susan makes sure that our courses and trainer are scheduled between providing clients with information and advice about which course best meets their needs.

Wera Smith

Wera thrives on finding ways to make the seemingly impossible, possible. She often has multiple craft and building projects on the go and claims she even finishes some of them! We think her pragmatic approach to guiding fledgling and experienced TAE professionals is an invaluable addition to our team.

Tracy Lee

At the young age of 15, Tracy started her hospitality journey by washing dishes in a busy restaurant. From here she pursued her dream of becoming a chef and has spent the last 25 years working in a some unusual and interesting hospitality venues. These include colleges, not-for-profit organisations, 5-star hotels and fine-dining restaurants. Tracy is passionate about passing on her experience, knowledge and skills to the up-and-coming hospitality stars of tomorrow! In her spare time, Tracy can be found camping, kicking back by a fire and listening to some country tunes with her family.

Anneliese Howard

Anneliese spent 20 years honing her hospitality skills in 5 star resorts, and she now shares her experience with our lucky high school students. In her time off, Anneliese loves shopping of any kind, hanging out with family and friends and generally enjoying life. We also hear that she takes delight in practical jokes and pranks...... we're onto you Anneliese!

Richard Romulo

Richard is a self-confessed computer geek with more than 10 years of experience in front-end web design and development. Even his hobbies include playing video games, watching anime and learning about all things technology. We love it when he turns our vision and ideas into cyber reality!

Leanne Elliott

Leanne has 20 years of experience providing engaging training experiences in career development, health and safety. She loves to socialise and have dress up parties, go boating, camping and travelling with friends and family. She also used to live in the snow in Vancouver, Canada where she was a wildlife educator with grizzly bears and wolves. Leanne believes that variety is the spice of life.

Nikki Holdsworth

Nikki is one of our admin and customer service gurus. She loves spending time with her family and especially being a big kid again with her granddaughter. Camping, outdoor living, reading and gardening are some of Nikki's favourite pastimes. Rumour has it that she grows fantastical cacti and succulents. And check out her tattoos, she's a walking art masterpiece!

Sian Pryce

Sian grew up in Wales and has called Australia home since she was 15 years old. Her eclectic background includes performing on TV and in theatre, teaching, presenting and counselling. She has gravitated towards helping young people achieve their full potential throughout her career and now does so by delivering our amazing Certificate II in Self Awareness and Development.Sian loves tea, massages and yin yoga.

Brittany Quimby

Britt is a multi-talented hospitality professional who has worked in fast food to fine dining, pubs, clubs and nightclubs. She's crazy about her husband, 2 year old son, travel and Crossfit. She's a sweet tooth at heart, loves an espresso martini and gets very upset when they are made badly. Fine with us Britt, guess who the bartender is at the next staff function!

Arlene Verner

As an amazing trainer now, Arlene was one of the first students ever to complete Certificate II in Self Awareness and Development because it was written by her Mum! Arlene has been a teacher in Australia and London courtesy of her passions for young people (especially her son) and travel. She is an avid seeker of wisdom through personal empowerment, astrology studies and creative expression.

Shiera Pron

Shiera is our always smiling, super-efficient Executive Assistant. When she is finished organising the team, she is a cosplay enthusiast and avid reader of fantasy books. We are looking forward to reading her first romance novel, though it may take awhile since Shiera is also a busy mum of 2 curious kids.

Adrian Ledesma

Adrian in an instructional designer, trainer and assessor for Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  When he's developed enough learner guides and assessment tools for the day, he is an avid basketball and badminton player who also enjoys "coaching from the couch". Adrian listens to all genres of music and plays the guitar too.

Jess Karnaghan

Jess has joined us as an Empowerment Coach to sprinkle her magic and wisdom far and wide.  Her insatiable curiosity led her away from 13 years as a police officer into personal development and travelling to sacred sites all around the world. Jess is also a certified trainer of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). She loves bushwalks, fantasy novels, colouring in with her 2 kids and is currently obsessed with playing crystal sound bowls.

Why Choose Us


We strive to be innovators within the training industry. We are the only RTO approved to deliver 10939NAT Certificate II in Self Awareness Development and 10860NAT Certificate III in Personal Empowerment.


Over 20 years honing our skills and training thousands of people means that we have the experience to offer the most comprehensive training possible. We hold Preferred Supplier status and work with some of the biggest (and smallest) organisations in Australia.


As specialists in our vocational areas we are able to fully focus on delivering high quality, customised qualifications that meet industry and individual needs. We aim to be the best rather than the biggest.


We pursue excellence and go "over and above" to surprise and delight in everything we do. We take pride in being human, authentic and having a sense of humour. We believe in personalised service.


We are proud to have been an RTO for over 20 years and have a strong reputation in the VET sector. We appreciate that “word of mouth” has fuelled our growth so we take customer service and compliance seriously.


Our VET courses are designed and delivered by industry and education specialists. Courses for teachers are developed by teachers. We specialise in contextualising qualifications so they apply directly to our clients.