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Authentic You

Our idea of ourselves – who we are, what we believe in, how we perceive things and what our personal ‘story’ is - drives everything we do. It affects how we relate, communicate, move in the world, see ourselves and others, and what we believe is possible.   

The ‘who am I’ question has been asked by humanity throughout history. The only person who could possibly know the answer is you but peeling back the conditioning and influences of others to ‘excavate’ to your true heart is hard work. We usually resort to describing ourselves by our roles but no role can ever encompass the complexities and uniqueness of a human being. Think back on how many times you’ve heard a conversation like this: 

What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

I want to be a  journalist.... a nurse.... a fitness instructor” 

Compare this to how often you hear a response like: 

“I want to be happy..... inspired.....grateful..... creative.... filled..... healthy” 

We have reduced ourselves to ‘human doings’. We have an unhelpful perception that we need to ‘do’ before we ‘get’ and we can only be happy when we ‘get’ whatever we associate our idea of happiness with at any given time – a relationship, status, latest gadget, high grades. Our conversations are regularly a competition between who can do the most in a day and who is the most indispensable to everything going on. There’s even an element of guilt associated with ‘doing nothing’ unless of course you’ve earnt it by flogging yourself senseless at work or school for 48 weeks of the year. 

Let’s be clear here, we also hide behind our ‘busy-ness’. When we continually and repetitively overstimulate ourselves with ‘doing’, we leave precious little time to question if we are doing the things that truly matter to us.  Ambition, wealth, status and achievement are highly valued in our society.

“So, what”, I hear you say? “Isn’t that a good thing?”

Well yes, if it’s in alignment with who you are.  Commonly, we walk a path that at least in some part, has been influenced by our conditioning, opinions and expectations of others.  And we never get off even when continuing leads us to stress, illness, bitterness and disappointment.

Is it possible that although you chose to climb the corporate ladder, the price, in terms of your wellbeing and family connection, is too high?  Has being a ‘super-parent’ reduced the authentic connection with your children that only relaxed time together can bring? Do you have the time and energy to enjoy the things that truly contribute to your happiness?

Throughout life, it’s important to ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Is what I’m doing right now in alignment with who I am and who I want to be’?  Honest answers get you to the heart of the matter. They help clarify what experiences to engage with and what to move away from. 

Constant self-exploration expands self-awareness so that you can consciously create a more authentic and self-directed life. 

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