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5 Ways to Increase Retention and Recall

5 ways to increase students retention and recall information

There are many ways to train and teach a student new, exciting topics, but what does it really take for a student to remember something new and recall it a week, a month or a year or more later? And when the whole point of delivering training is so the participants can remember and apply what they’ve learnt in a workplace, sometime later… Retention becomes a key factor in a course and trainer's success.

It’s been said when hearing about new content, only 10% of the content is remembered. It’s also said that the more engaging and interactive a training session is, the more the information is likely to be learned. So once we engage and wow our students with our presenting finesse and use of an assortment of training aids to do so, how do we encourage and support our students to retain and recall what we have taught them?

If you really want to have raving fans as students and assist them in achieving incredible results in your courses, try the following tips to help them retain and recall what you teach. Your students will come out on top – with understanding and the confidence to demonstrate their abilities.

5 ways to increase students' retention and recall information;

Flipcharts are great to use for key concepts – post them around the room and each morning have a 3-5 minute activity where students buddy up and discuss what they know about each flip chart, end the activity with a group share. 

Use Kahoots quizzes at the end of each content chunk: this is fun and helps improve learning and memory.

Enjoy implementing new practices into your training. If you are interested in becoming a dynamic and engaging trainer and assessor, contact our office on 1300 851 550 or go to our website for more information on TAE40116 full course including in-class delivery session.

See you in a training soon.

Janelle Manton
Senior TAE trainer and assessor