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Certificate II in Hospitality

Course Duration


12-24 months (as negotiated with the school), including:
12 vocational placement shifts

Course Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements


Course Delivery


Blended Learning,
Live Class, RPL, Traineeship

Course Accreditation


This is a nationally
recognised qualification


SIT20316 Certificate II in Hospitality covers the basics of hospitality, you can customise this course through the choice of electives to suit specific roles in the industry. Our standard program includes electives that give students the widest range of skills that are in demand by the hospitality industry.

Raising the Bar for Sensational VET in Schools

We are proud to be a Queensland Government Skills Assure supplier. Blueprint Career Development delivers this qualification with dozens of Queensland schools under VETiS funding in addition to fee-for-service short courses and skill sets from the full qualification.

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