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Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

There has never been a better time to expand your skillset or even consider a career change.

The Australian workforce is in a state of flux with many businesses closing or changing their way of operating over the last 5 months. Businesses that emerge or evolve successfully will be those with innovative and skilled staff. Experience and maturity also contribute significantly to an organisation's ability to navigate such a rapidly changing environment.

The Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers is an Australian Commonwealth Government initiative that enables eligible participants between the ages of 45 and 70 to access up to $2,200 (GST inclusive) as a co-contribution for re-skilling or up-skilling opportunities. The program provides personalised advise and recommendations for participants asking the question "What's my next move?", including:

  • upskilling options to increase your ability to perform in a current job
  • transitioning into new roles within a current industry
  • potential pathways to new careers
  • relevant further education and training.

More information about accessing the program can be found at Busy at Work.

Eligible participants may enrol in the following courses and pay only 50% of the course costs.

TAE40116 Certificate IV in training and assessment

BSB30415 Certificate III in business administration

CHC30213 Certificate III in educational support

10860NAT Certificate III in personal empowerment (we are taking enrolments for the pilot of this unique course now)

Economically, it may take years for our economy and business to fully recover from recent events but each of us can contribute by being proactive about continuously developing our knowledge and skills.