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Unlocking Success

Unlocking Success: Why Private Providers are the First Choice for VET Students

Greetings, Seekers of Quality Education,

In the world of vocational training and education, choices abound. Among these options, private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) have been steadily rising to the forefront as the first choice for students.

The latest data from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) paints a compelling picture, revealing why private providers offer an education experience that's truly a cut above the rest.


1. Completion Rates: Private RTOs Outshine Public TAFE Colleges

When it comes to successful course completion, private RTOs excel. The NCVER data speaks volumes. Across all qualification levels, private RTOs achieve completion rates up to 17% higher than their public TAFE college counterparts for government-funded students.

Let's take a look at the numbers:


Certificate I: TAFE - 22.5%, Private RTO - 38.5%

Certificate II: TAFE - 33.8%, Private RTO - 50.8%

Certificate III: TAFE - 51.9%, Private RTO - 57.9%

Certificate IV: TAFE - 44.2%, Private RTO - 51.9%

Diploma (& Above): TAFE - 51.9%, Private RTO - 53.3%

Total: TAFE - 43.0%, Private RTO - 54.2%


The data paints a clear picture - private RTOs consistently deliver superior outcomes for students and taxpayers.


2. Student Satisfaction: A Resounding Vote of Confidence

Satisfaction is a crucial yardstick of educational quality, and private RTOs ace this measure too. According to the NCVER data on government-funded student satisfaction, private RTOs consistently outperform public TAFE colleges.

Here's the satisfaction scorecard:


Achieved main reason for doing training: TAFE - 85.7%, Private RTO - 88.7%

Improved employment status after training: TAFE - 64.4%, Private RTO - 68.7%

Satisfied with support services: TAFE - 77.5%, Private RTO - 81.5%

Satisfied with teaching: TAFE - 87.2%, Private RTO - 88.9%

Satisfied with facilities: TAFE - 84.2%, Private RTO - 85.0%

Satisfied with the learning resources: TAFE - 81.6%, Private RTO - 85.4%

Satisfied with the training overall: TAFE - 88.9%, Private RTO - 90.7%


These numbers are a testament to the unwavering commitment of private RTOs in providing top-notch education.


3. Freedom to Choose: Empowering Students

The data makes a compelling argument for rethinking our approach to skills training. ITECA (Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia) firmly believes in placing students at the heart of the system, where they have the freedom to choose their preferred training provider, be it a quality-driven independent RTO or a public TAFE college based.

As Troy Williams, ITECA Chief Executive, aptly puts it, "ITECA emphasizes that the data underscores the importance of placing students at the heart of the skills training system."

Moreover, private RTOs aren't just excelling in government-funded courses. When it comes to fee-for-service income, private RTOs boast a completion rate 4.7% higher than public TAFE colleges. For all training types, be it government-funded or fee-for-service, private RTOs lead the way with a completion rate that's 5.1% greater than public TAFE colleges.

In conclusion, the data is crystal clear - private providers are setting the bar high when it comes to educational excellence, student satisfaction, and successful course completions. The power of choice is paramount, and students are increasingly turning to private RTOs for their quality education needs.

Remember, your education journey is a personal one, and having the freedom to choose a provider that aligns with your goals is a right that empowers you. So, as you set forth on your educational path, consider the remarkable advantages that private providers bring to the table.

Empower yourself with the education you deserve. The path to success starts with making informed choices. At Blueprint Career Development, we are proud of our 20+ reputation for quality and our 4.8 star Google rating.


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