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Wellness + Empowerment Courses

Conscious creating & connecting

"Conscious Connecting and Creating” is all about expanding our perception and intentionally creating a new experience for ourselves in our internal and external worlds.

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wellbeing course

Despite being bombarded with information about how to be healthy, wealthy and wise, statistics show that our mental, emotional and physical health continue to decline.

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Emotional & somatic intelligence

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are well recognised as key to unlocking personal wellbeing and professional success.

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Certificate II in Self awareness and development

In 10939NAT Certificate II in Self Awareness and Development you can reach your full potential through self-awareness and then use this understanding to prepare yourself for success – in every sense of the word.

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Certificate III in Personal Empowerment

Participants of 10860NAT Certificate III in Personal Empowerment course will explore the values and personal paradigms that contribute to their current life experience and then use this to develop a practical roadmap for intentional living. 

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