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Wellbeing and Life Balance

wellbeing course
Course Duration
12 weeks (Zoom classes plus self-paced activities)
Course Delivery
Course Entry Requirements
Entry Requirements
Course Accreditation


Despite being bombarded with information about how to be healthy, wealthy and wise, statistics show that our mental, emotional and physical health continue to decline. It’s time to go back to the basics most of us never learned from a holistic perspective – how to thrive in your ‘human spacesuit’.  

“Wellbeing and Balance” approaches health and wellness holistically and contains two nationally accredited units from our Certificate III in Personal Empowerment delivered over 12 weeks:

Next publically offered course starts Wednesday 31st January, 2024. 
Contact us for arrange a group of your own.

Choose how you want to train.
The Delivery Options are:

This program is relevant to everyone since understanding how to maintain balance, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing determines how we experience everything life has to offer. Actually we suspect that if we’d learned this stuff in school, we may have saved ourselves some painful lessons! 

The information, practical activities and exercises are ideal for leaders in education, community support and personal services.

This course is designed for people interested in understanding how they can reach their full potential in personal and professional settings.  Key topics include:

Week 1Thriving v’s Surviving
Week 2Dimensions of Wellness and Wellbeing
Week 3Standard Health Benchmarks and Resources
Week 4Physical Wellbeing - Getting the best out of your ‘human spacesuit”
Week 5Making better choices
Week 6Mental and Emotional Wellbeing 
Week 7The Sailboat Metaphor
Week 8Overwhelm and other challenges
Week 9Energy Cycles, Rest and Relaxation
Week 10Resilience, Boundaries and Limits
Week 11Life Roles, Stages and The Life Career Rainbow
Week 12Enhancing Wellbeing 

Check each course option below as not all delivery options apply.

1. Live Class  
i) Group workshop with a trainer to support and guide you through activities. Ask us for scheduled course dates at locations convenient to you. 

ii)  We can also come to your workplace and deliver a customised program to meet your workplace needs (Minimum numbers apply. Contact us to discuss your particular needs).

2. Blended Learning  
This is a flexible and efficient way to complete your qualification.  It may include live classes, online study, self-paced activities and webinars. 

3. Online 
The entire course is offered electronically through Uplearn - our Learning Management System.

4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) 
Recognition of Prior Learning is the process that is used to recognise the skills and knowledge you have acquired through personal and work experience - the "University of Life". The evidence you provide is matched to a complete qualification where possible or alternatively, to part of a qualification. A successful RPL application means that you could receive certification without further study or may be able to fast track through a qualification. Please contact us to organise an individual assessment of your current knowledge and skills.

This course is designed for people interested in understanding how they can reach their full potential in personal and professional settings. Perhaps only you know how you might apply the development of work/life balance and wellbeing to your career or life!

There are no entry requirements for this course although it is recommended that students have demonstrated at least Level 2 for each of the Australia Core Skills – Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Numeracy

You have 6 months from course commencement to complete this course.

To complete this course you must demonstrate competency in 2 accredited units. 

The content addresses the following key topics - (sample schedule only):

Your learning resources will include:

You will also be able to access individual support calls and our "BookNook" book club.

During your studies, you will need access to the following:

Assessment is a combination of:

If you successfully complete this course you may be interested in continuing to develop your self awareness through our other shorts courses or full Nationally Accredited Qualifications:

10860NAT Certificate III in Personal Empowerment

Emotional and Somatic Intelligence

Conscious Connecting and Creating

10939NAT Certificate II in Self Awareness and Development

Please see our full Fee Schedule for information about unit costs (where applicable), RPL fees and Refund Policy.