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Emotional and Somatic Intelligence

Course Duration


12 weeks
(Zoom classes plus self-paced activities)

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Entry Requirements


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Blended Learning

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Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are well recognised as key to unlocking personal wellbeing and professional success.

This course focuses on developing a deep understanding of self through reflection, structured activities and small group mentoring. Participants of Emotional and Somatic Intelligence course will explore the values and personal paradigms that contribute to their current life experience and then use this to develop a practical roadmap for intentional living. 

This course integrates personal, socio and cultural learning with practical exercises, coaching and problem solving.   Participants can expect to be surprised, challenged and occasionally confronted as their prevailing personal beliefs and behaviours are re- aligned with the hallmarks of success.

Our next publically offered course starts Wednesday 7th August, 2024.

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