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Hourly Tutoring for TAE40116

If you’ve enrolled in an online course with another provider and are frustrated with a lack of support provided in a timely manner, we can help.

Some of the online courses we see around are very cheap but unfortunately this can sometimes mean learners are left to complete work with very little interaction or guidance.

Rather than quitting your course altogether, our trainers will guide you through what’s expected so you can successfully complete your course. The focus is on exactly what you need to learn and the assessments you need to complete so it’s time well spent.

Reasonable rates are as follows:

$70 per hour (one-on-one tutoring)
$100 per hour for up to 3 participants doing the same course 

Contact us so we can put you in touch with our recommended TAE trainers and assessors.

Please note that if you are undertaking TAE40116 with Blueprint Career Development, you can access homework club, support calls and webinar tutoring at no additional charge – this is part of our service. 

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