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Career Development Skill Set

Course Duration


0-3 day workshop
plus self-paced activities

Course Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

This skill set has been endorsed by industry as suitable for certain individuals. See below for more info.

Course Delivery


Online (including trainer support), Live Class, Blended
learning or RPL

Course Accreditation


This is a nationally
recognised skill set


This skill set is focused specifically on the skills needed to provide programs and services to help people develop a career pathway, locate and secure their ideal job.

While it is not currently mandatory to hold qualifications to provide career development advice, upskilling will ensure that the knowledge you acquire is both comprehensive and aligned with the latest best practices in the field. This program is particularly tailored for individuals aspiring to excel in career information, transition services, or roles involving career advising within educational, training, school, or transitional work settings.

Expanding your existing skills will unlock greater opportunities for you to excel as a skilled Careers Advisor. In this capacity, you would be responsible for delivering comprehensive programs and services to both individuals and groups of clients and employers. Your role would encompass aiding individuals in their career planning endeavours, as well as assisting them in identifying, securing, and maintaining suitable employment opportunities. Your reach would extend from assisting recent school graduates to guiding seasoned professionals seeking the next phase in their careers.

South Australian residents may be able to access state funding. 

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Discover the convenience of our online course conducted through Zoom, where you can participate in unlimited 3-hour Zoom sessions as needed.  Enjoy the flexibility to join sessions at your convenience and make the most out of your learning experience with us.

Day 1: Introduction to Career Development and Legal
Day 2: Cluster 1 - Conduct Career Guidance Interviews
Day 3: Cluster 2 - Research employment, labour market and education options
Day 4: Cluster 3 - Deliver Career Development Services 
Day 5: Cluster 4 - Supporting People in Career Transition

TIME:  Each session lasts three hours (QLD Time) - You can view the schedule and book these through your Student Support Portal or ask one of our friendly team members.

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