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Mini Farm Project

Harvesting Hope: Blueprint's Gift of Education and Nourishment

This Christmas season, Blueprint Career Development is sowing seeds of change by intertwining education with sustenance. For every enrolment in the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment confirmed in December 2023 and January 2024, we pledge to donate a fresh produce box to a family in need.


Why Education and Nourishment?

At Blueprint, we believe that true empowerment encompasses both learning and well-being. The TAE40122 course opens doors to new horizons, while our commitment to providing fresh produce acknowledges the pressing issue of food insecurity in our communities.


The Impact of Your Enrolment

Your decision to enhance your skills with us not only benefits your professional journey but also contributes to a family's dinner table. Each confirmed enrolment translates into a tangible box of nourishment for a household facing food insecurity.


Join Us in Cultivating Change

Together, let's make education and nourishment a shared priority. Enrol in the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and join us in providing not just knowledge but also essential sustenance to those in need.  Alternatively, you can volunteer, donate or sponsor the Mini-Farm Project directly.


Learn more about the Mini Farm Project:


A Thank You from Blueprint

As you invest in your own future, we extend our gratitude by collectively investing in the well-being of others. Your enrolment becomes a catalyst for positive change, fostering a community where education and nourishment are the cornerstones of a brighter, more equitable future.

Enrol now and be a part of a movement that transforms lives—one certification, one fresh produce box at a time. Let's harvest hope together!