CHC41215 Certificate IV in Career Development | Blueprint Career Development

Certificate IV in Career Development

Course Duration


0-10 day workshop
plus self-paced activities

Course Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements


Course Delivery


Online (including trainer support), Live Class, Blended
learning or RPL

Course Accreditation


This is a nationally
recognised qualification


CHC41215 Certificate IV in Career Development is focused specifically on learning how to provide the programs and support to help people develop a career pathway, locate, and secure their idea job.  

This qualification reflects roles in career information and transition services within education, training, school or industry transition work environments.  The content is aligned with the Australian Blueprint for Career Development which in its core, identifies the skills, attitudes and knowledge that individuals need to make sound choices and to effectively manage their careers

We are proud members of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA).  It enables us to stay connected with a cross-sectoral community of career development professionals, maintain currency and meet the evolving needs of the industry and clients. 

Curate the qualification to suit YOUR career pathway with 5 electives from one of our 3 specialist elective streams.


Enrol in our online course via zoom and attend 3 virtual classroom days!

Term 2 Dates (May - July 2022)  8.30 AM - 4 PM

Day 1: Introduction to Career Development and Legal 

Day 2: Functions of the Career Guidance Counsellor

Day 3: Change Management and Career Transition

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